As a company working to create value in the field of health, we are conscious of fulfilling our duties and responsibilities towards our people, physicians, pharmacists, customers, suppliers and employees in the best way possible. We aim to be a company that follows the latest developments in the rapidly changing health sector, can adapt to innovations, and transform this process of change into energy for empowerment and growth.

Intraline İlaç continues its worldwide researches and new product agreements with licensors in order to expand its product portfolio in addition to the products it markets and which are under licensing studies. Intraline Pharmaceuticals takes firm steps forward with its dynamic, creative, well-equipped employees who believe in team spirit, have high individual motivation, and are open to innovation and development.


Transparency, openness, accountability, efficient use of natural resources and environmental awareness form the basis of the sustainability approach.

We find it unacceptable to discriminate based on factors such as race, color, gender, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, political opinion or affiliation, ethnic identity, health status, family responsibilities, disability or age. Our sustainable growth principles; We act with a holistic development model at every stage of our activities, from feasibility process to production, from capital to human resources. All of our investments; We evaluate it within the economic, social and environmental framework and implement it with a sustainable vision that is compatible with the future from today.



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Due to legal and ethical obligations, we cannot share information about our products that can be perceived as promotion with people other than healthcare professionals, in accordance with the regulations of TITCK - Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency.

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